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The Catholic Scholarship Programme wishes to announce that it is accepting scholarship applications for the (2020/2021) academic year. AOSK Chemchemi ya Uzima Institute has the following courses qualifying for scholarships. 1.Certificate,Diploma and Degree in Theology in Catechetics and Pastoral Ministry 2. Diploma in Integrative Spiritual Counselling 3. Certificate in Religious Formation Apply Now. Download the scholarship application forms below. for any help call Tel: +254720935895 Email:
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A Message from

The Executive Secretary

AOSK, just like other organizations, seeks to achieve its vision and mission, which requires planning and use of data as a vital tool for advocacy, resource mobilization, planning and decision making.

AOSK is a great network where information sharing and making connections is of paramount importance. Data is tangible evidence that promotes, improves reputation, boosts self-esteem, and expands services as a network grows. AOSK will pursue to keep its strengthening the Capacity of Women Religious in Early Childhood Development, (SCORE ECD) database alive and updated by making use of modern technology.

It is expected that this publication will be a useful source in project designing and attracting more members and partners, making the functionality of the association easy to manage. This will provide an easy access to the services sisters offer, enlighten policy makers, Church and political leadership while motivating the wider society to reach out and offer support to the sisters.

Sisters are key players in evangelization as well as in development in Kenya.

This directory confirms that Sisters:
  • Are a dynamic and have continuous presence in local communities,
  • Have a capacity to deliver critical services,
  • Have earned the trust of vulnerable groups,
  • Are capable to mobilize grassroots support,
  • Can influence cultural norms
  • Have standing as moral leaders
  • command the respect of local and national authorities
  • Valuable peace and are mediators in difficult environments

This publication is as a result of the good work of AOSK partners who recognize and compliment each other’s strengths thus enabling exchange of professional skills and competences and increases their reputation and credibility.

I would like to greatly appreciate our donors, partners and members for supporting this initiative.

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