Who We Are:

While Africa is a continent of vast potential, it currently faces serious obstacles of poverty, chronic hunger, disease, ecological degradation, and violence. Catholic women religious are a strong force in harnessing that potential, addressing these issues and offering hope for the future. These women, who are deeply trusted by their societies, work to improve life at the community and national level by leading and serving where the needs are the greatest:

AOSK Justice and Peace Commision is out to create awareness of the dignity of the human person, to uphold human rights and freedoms and to promote a safe and healthy environment where natural resources are respected, conserved and shared by all.

AOSK has evolved over the span of fifty years and we look back with gratitude to God for what has been achieved within the five decades. Celebrating Fifty years (half a century) is a great gift of God’s goodness for consecrated religious women whose life of dedication is in service of the church and the whole of humanity.
We are grateful to our founders on whose shoulders we stand today. We appreciate and enjoy good leadership thanks to the support of the members.

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