Solidarity and Strength of Catholic Sisters


The primary purpose of this page is to present the most successful story of the solidarity and strength of the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK), a conference of women religious in East Africa. Special attention will be given to the activities and achievements of AOSK in order to illustrate its historical development over a span of fifty years.

The impact of Kenya’s political independence and the Second Vatican Council on religious congregations is discussed, as is the underlying motivation for inter-congregational formation centers and the several interventions AOSK has undertaken to assist, form and educate pastoral agents.Because little has been published on AOSK, most of the content of this chapter is drawn from AOSK archives; collected and documented data is used to highlight the activities, achievements and the challenges of conferences of major superiors.

It is hoped that this narrative will illustrate the life and activities of AOSK and the irreplaceable role played by these conferences of religious women in the support not just of sisters but of the Church in all its dimensions. While so doing, this chapter will underline the values of solidarity and prophetic witness, which is a voice of courage. Keywords: AOSK, Kenya, Catholic sisters, religious life


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