The Little Missionary Sisters of Charity (LMSC)

The Little Missionary Sisters of Charity (LMSC ) is pontifical congregation founded by St Luigi Orione in 1915.They are missionaries meaning evangelisers and servants of the poor because in the poor they serve ,comfort and evangelise Jesus Christ.
The specific and special aim of the congregation is the practice of charity towards our neighbour, first and foremost by consecrating our lives to the bringing the children and the poor people who are abandoned to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ of his Vicar, ” the sweet Christ on earth”, the Roman Pontiff and the Holy Church, through the teaching of Christian doctrine and the practice of the evangelical works of mercy”,

All their apostolate of the congregation is geared towards evangelization in:
catechism at all levels
Health services
Pastoral works
Social works
Education at all levels
Home for elderly and disabled
Human promotion

The motto of the congregation is to “restore everything in Christ” meaning all that is done in the apostolate through works of charity is geared towards bringing all the souls to the knowledge and love of God. Since the year of foundation, the congregation has spread in four continents of the world mainly, Asia Africa Europe and America