Dominican Contemplative Nuns

St. Dominic in France founded the Dominican Nuns in 1206. In 1880, the first Monastery was founded in the United States from France. I n 1919 the Dominican Monastery of Summit New Jersey was founded. In 1947, Summit Monastery founded Our Lady of Grace Monastery in North Guilford Connecticut USA.

In 1965, Our Lady of Grace Monastery founded Corpus Christi Monastery in NAIROBI -KENYA.
When the Nuns came for foundation, the monastery was not built. They lived in one wing of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, which was under the Dominican Friars from St. Joseph province in the USA at the time.
In 1967, they moved to their new Monastery, which is now Apostles of Jesus Seminary.
In 1974, they moved from Lang’ata to Karen (Present location). In 1991 the last foundress left for USA leaving the community in the hands of African nuns
In 2006, the community took over the Monastery in South Africa, which was under the Spanish sisters because they had to go back to their country. At present we have relocated our Monastery from South Africa to Zambia (Kabwe Diocese).We have six of our sisters there.

The Dominican shield consists of four white and four black gyrons or triangles. These symbolize the unity of a body of people working together for the common good. The “cross fleury” (or cross with a fleur de lies at each end) superimposed upon the gyrons, signifies victory, duty and self-sacrifice. The sable or black of the shield symbolizes wisdom, silence, fortitude and penance. The light color (which could be white, argent or silver) signifies peace, purity, charity and sincerity. Sometimes, the motto of the Order surrounds the shield. It reads”Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare,” which means”to praise God, to bless His people and to preach His gospel.” Frequently too, the shield may also be surrounded by the six or eight pointed star which is the distinguishing symbol of St. Dominic.