Apostolic Carmel is an offshoot of the Order of Carmel, whose spiritual roots go back to Prophet Elijah who lived 900 years before the time of Jesus. The Congregation was founded by Venerable Mother Veronica, an English Anglican convert, in Bayonne France, in the year 1868 for the sake of sending missionaries to India and other countries in need of their presence and service, with the main aim of faith formation of Catholic girls primarily through quality education. Due to prevailing circumstances, the formation house in Bayonne had to be closed down but the Congregation continued its growth in India and elsewhere.

As a Congregation, we have at present 70 novices, 220 sisters in temporary vows and 1391 with Final Profession, 1716 Sisters live and carry out their mission through 182 convents in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Middle East, Italy, France, grouped under 6 Provinces, and since 1991 in Kenya and Tanzania, together known as East Africa Region.

Our CHARISM is to live by the experiential conviction that God’s love is all-sufficing and to help others to be open to this conviction.
VISION: To put our total trust in God’s providential love, through contemplative prayer, understood as living in close union with God (John 15:9), in simplicity, joy and zeal, after the example of Jesus who said “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me” (John 4:34).
MISSION: To help those to whom we are sent, to be open to God’s all-sufficing providential love as committed children of God, in particular, as faithful Catholic Christians, with special concern for those in need. Apart from the emphasis laid on the proclamation of the Word of God, prayer and witness of life as the means of doing this, we also offer the service of education from the pre-primary stage to the post-graduate level, pastoral care, homes for the aged and the orphans, managing schools for those with special needs, technical colleges, adult education institutes, clinics, centres for counselling and the empowerment of women, and prison ministry.
Mother Mary whom we honour under the title of ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ is our first patroness, and model especially in the integration of prayer and apostolic zeal, with single-minded obedience to His will.
The Apostolic Carmel, East Africa Region we have 7 Pre-Primary and Primary Schools, 3 Secondary schools, one Day Care Centre at Carmelvale, Doonholm for the children in the age group of 3-6 who come from a very low income group, and a medical clinic, at Kimwanga, Bungoma with training of village heads and other outreach programmers