Message from A.O.S.K Chairperson

I am very happy about the three year partnership between Catholic Relief Services and the Association of Sisterhood of Kenya and made possible by Hilton Foundation. This Publication, Reaching out to the most vulnerable zeal’s this partnership, a partnership that enhanced learning and exchange of skills and knowledge while strengthening organizational capacity, service delivery to the most vulnerable and powered Catholic sisters to advocate for the poor.

It is extremely awesome to browse through these pages and how much Sisters are offering and investing in the service of the most vulnerable with very limited resources. The idea of collecting and analyzing data to tell a story is a powerful tool. It is like building a parcel, bringing different pieces together to a visible whole. This increases the potential ability of individual organizations or groups to tell their story create synergy and boost visibility.

Sisters are convinced that they have been called by God and service is an outward expression of this self-donation to God which does not need publicity. Hence, sisters have relatively unknown for their work, and therefore they cannot participate fully as members of civil society to contribute and share their learning and success stories that would enable better decision on critical issues affecting the community. This has in many ways prevented the sisters to access external funding and to improve or expand services, increasing visibility will get more people interested and involved in what sisters are doing. Hopefully people who aren’t yet paying attention to the needs of the most vulnerable will be inspired to make an option for the poor and that some may opt for a deeper commitment as consecrated persons.

The vitality of religious life in Africa is tangible, concrete and life giving as demonstrated through the pages of this directory. This vitality is a potential without which the church and society would suffer. Unfortunately many times the potential is left out in policy making forums. Empowering sisters for the ministry is a service to the community for it will bear fruit to a hundred fold for many generations to come. How can this vitality be sustained?

The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya is blessed by the support of the Catholic Church, strengthened by the AOSK members’ commitment, and enriched by the great network of partners and donors, AOSK will continue to coordinate and represent the Religious women in Kenya at all levels.


Rev Sr. Adelina Muguna NSA

Chairperson Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya

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