This publication has been made possible by cooperation between the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Association of Sisterhood in Kenya (AOSK). The Author acknowledges the support of CRS in funding the mapping exercise and supporting this publication.

Special thanks are due to Sr. Agnes Wamuyu, FES, AOSK Executive Secretary for her overall leadership and coordination in the entire process in steering the SCORE-ECD project and contribution in developing this publication.

I am particularly thankful to all General Superiors of the Catholic Sisters in Kenya for collaborating with AOSK to ensure the success of this publication.

Much appreciation goes to the work of Delphine Anyango (AOSK Office Assistant) who provided useful support linking and facilitating communication with AOSK membership congregation.

Much of the data presented in this publication could only have been collected with the active participation of Rahab Karuku, Sammy Mwangi, Sr. Devline Chebukwa, who despite scarce time and resource constraints conducted the mapping exercise with zeal and efficiency.

The author would like to record sincere appreciation to Josiah Kaara who carried out the design of the data collection tool and data analysis with dedication, patience and professionalism. His contribution forms the backbone of this publication.

Much appreciation to Jeremy Mbuthi who patiently reviewed all entered data and compiled a draft profile of congregations, Tirus Wanjigi for his creative design of the publication and Mary Mwendwa for examining the draft report, proof reading and suggesting constructive comments to make the document more viable and meaningful.

To all Sisters, thanks a lot for your inspiring photos.

The greatest debt, however, is owed to the congregation’s secretariat who participated in the interview group discussions, shared their knowledge, experience and data profiles of their congregations and institutions.

Without their support, the mapping exercise and eventual production of this publication could not have been successful.


Clement Njoroge

Author and Development Media Consultant

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